“What on earth are you thinking? You can’t be starting the car and calling it nearly done in January!?! It should be finished the night before the first meeting…everybody knows that!” It seems Brian has broken with tradition this year and he’s been hard at work ensuring that the car […]

Running in January?!?

“Aims for the weekend?” “Finish!” The final round of this years Avon Intermarque championship has been and gone, with the team travelling to Brands Hatch for the finale on 7th November. After encountering some pretty horrendous weather back in Devon during the previous week, everyone was at least prepared for […]

Rain, rain and more rain!

There’s nothing unusual about the team heading to Brands Hatch for a round of the Avon Intermarque Championship, but it is unusual to see number 62 on the doors and ‘Brian Loram’ on the entry list! What a perfect day! Round 7 of this years championship, held on 27th September, […]

Well this is weird!

Exciting news, Brian has successfully gained his circuit licence! Last Monday, while most of the country was bored at work, he was splashing around a soaking Thruxton circuit in a Porsche Cayman, Ross being particularly jealous that Brian managed to combine his favourite car AND favourite circuit in the same […]

We’re coming back!

There have been some strange goings-on at Loram Racing HQ recently. Since Ross’ shock retirement after the Lydden Hill meeting, Brian has decided that he would like to try his hand at circuit racing! With the decision made we’ve been hard at work altering the car for Brian, mounting the […]

Brians at Brands!

Hi there dear website readers, I’m writing to you today with some sad news. After much careful thought I’ve decided I will no longer be competing in the Avon Intermarque Championship. We first entered the championship for the final two meetings of the 2010 season and have since competed in […]

Thankyou and goodnight

Rockingham. The second meeting of the 2015 Avon Intermarque Championship, and the second meeting in succession in which we’ve been haunted by a strange fuel starvation / engine dying on it’s ass during left handers problem. Still, after a problem free second race (crash excluded) at Snetterton last time out, […]

Well, it was probably fast!

“It’s been six months since the last meeting, why are we still running around finishing the car on the day before the first meeting of the new season?” “Tradition.” So once Ross had finished work on Friday, and we’d finished up all those last minute jobs you’d completely forgotten about […]

Slow start at Snetterton

Yes you did read that headline correctly, we’ve been testing! The team took the revised Tigra and our new racevan for their first outings of the year with a trip across the border to Llandow in Wales last Tuesday. We spent most of the journey marvelling at how wonderful the […]

Pre-season testing…..really