The final round of this years championship saw us heading to Brands Hatch for the traditional end of season truck meeting.  We arrived on Friday evening and almost immediately lost all feeling in our hands and feet, a feeling we’d regain some time after arriving home on Sunday night 😉  […]

Season Finale

“Silverstone!  Hang on, haven’t we been here already this year?“ “Yep, but that was on the International layout, this time we’re on the National” “Right then, let’s give that a go!” A race meeting in England on an August bank holiday weekend can only mean one thing, every single possible […]

Wet wet Silverstone

“Can I just write ‘Loram’ on the entry form? And can’t we just use the same number?  I’m going to have to get that signwriting machine out again.” After Ross made his first appearance of the season at last months American Speedfest meeting, it was Brian back in the hot […]

Brian returns at Brands

Saturday June 11th and qualifying for round 4 of the Avon Intermarque championship is underway at Brands Hatch.  The Loram Tigra slithers past on the damp track as Chris from Simon Smith’s team wanders over… “Do you think Brian is happy with the car?” “You can ask him if you […]

Ross returns for Speedfest

Mallory Park made a welcome return to the Avon Intermarque Championship calendar as it hosted round three of this year’s competition last weekend.  We last raced at Mallory back in 2012 when we had a rather dramatic meeting which ended in Brian needing a trip to Leicester Hospital after Ross’ […]

Mallory Park Report

“Well it worked a minute ago!” “Well it’s not working now!” “Urgh….bloody wiring….next time we build a car…” “I know I know, we’re not squashing all the wiring into the dash” “Just trace that wiring back, what’s that one joined into?” “Well we’ve spliced into this red one here……I can’t […]

Strange Silverstone

“And the 2016 Intermarque Championship is underway here at Brands Hatch!” “Shame our car is sat in the pits isn’t it?” “Hmm” After an obligatory off season of changes and improvements to the Loram Tigra, it was unfortunately a very short start to the season for us at Brands Hatch. […]

Short start to the season

“What on earth are you thinking? You can’t be starting the car and calling it nearly done in January!?! It should be finished the night before the first meeting…everybody knows that!” It seems Brian has broken with tradition this year and he’s been hard at work ensuring that the car […]

Running in January?!?

“Aims for the weekend?” “Finish!” The final round of this years Avon Intermarque championship has been and gone, with the team travelling to Brands Hatch for the finale on 7th November. After encountering some pretty horrendous weather back in Devon during the previous week, everyone was at least prepared for […]

Rain, rain and more rain!