History – Ross Loram

Bought up in a racing family and spending many childhood weekends travelling around the country following national hotrods, it’s not surprising that Ross loves motorsport and began racing himself. What is surprising is how long it took him to actually get started!

Lined up in 2nd on the grid for a 2005 STCC RC race.

Until 2008 Ross raced radio controlled cars, something that started out as a hobby at local club meetings in 1996, but by 2008 had turned into an increasingly serious and expensive past-time! Competing in national championships right across the country in the incredibly competitive 1/10th Touring car classes, Ross had become an ‘A’ Final regular by the end of the 2007 BTCC.

Ross shares an ‘A’ Final rostrum with some big names during a round of the 2007 RC BTCC.

It’s hard to describe just how big a sport Radio Controlled car racing is unless you’ve actually done it, but trust us, it’s just as hard to run at the front of a national RC series as it is a full sized race series!

Familiar paintjob? BTCC 2007 – West London

When Ross’ dad Brian began his own motorcycle business in 2008, he offered Ross a go in his hotrod. After a few laps at a test day in Cornwall and a few more at the Mendips Raceway testday shortly after, it was decided that things were going quite well and that Ross would have a bash at racing in the hotrods on the short oval at Mendips.

Shock win smile!

Shock of shocks, Ross took a highly surprising win in his first weekend in front of triple hotrod world champion Colin White. It’s hard to tell who looked more surprised after the race! Following up from that great start it seemed a shame not to carry on and Ross went on to win the track championship after bagging another 4 wins throughout the rest of the season.

Ross and Brian with the 2008 Mendips Track Championship trophy.

For 2009 Ross was back at Mendips again, still in Brians car which was now in its Tigra guise. An up and down season brought a few more wins, a few bumps, another track title and second in the West of England.

Winning at Mendips in 2009.

After weighing up a move to one of the circuit series during the following winter, Ross eventually bought his current Peugeot 206 and lined up on the grid alongside Brian for the start of the 2010 Mendips hotrods season…. but it’s fair to say Ross had lost his interest in the short ovals and the next few months were spent preparing the 206 for the circuits and Quaife Intermarque League.

Above – Ross tests his new 206 at Mendips in 2010 but by the end of the season he was lining it up at Castle Combe for his circuit debut (below)

2011 was certainly a learning year as Ross got used to the higher speeds and new circuits, as well as finding out a whole host of problems with the car along the way, everything from blown engines, cracked discs, a broken gearbox, oil leaks, set-up problems and a fat overweight car to name but a few! But it was never supposed to be easy!

Above – Problems at Brands but Rockingham was better (below)

The car was given a thorough rebuild at the end of 2011 and 2012 saw a marked improvement in competitiveness.

Silverstone in 2012 was a turning point.

By 2013 the Quaife Intermarque Championship was becoming increasingly popular, but Ross and the trusty 206 stepped up and were competitive from the outset.  The opening meeting of the season at Brands Hatch saw Ross smash his previous personal best in qualifying with a 50.7 second lap.  The races also went well with Ross leading a circuit race for the first time in race two of the day before taking a 5th place at the finish. 

Leading a circuit race for the first time in 2013 at Brands Hatch

The rest of 2013 saw some more good competitive racing, particularly a strong 4th place at Snetterton after charging through from 14th on the grid.

Snetterton 2014, with Malcolm Blackman, Matt Simpson and Chris Brockhurst for close company.

2014 saw the re-emergance of the Loram Tigra.  Despite a less than stellar meeting to open the season at Brands, Ross and the Tigra began to make more of an impression the more the year wore on.  Back to back 4th place finishes at Lydden Hill and Snetterton mid-season were followed up with a whole host of top five performances in the second half of the year.  5th place in what was by now an incredibly competitive championship was a great result, and had it not been for a broken wiper at Lydden Hill at round seven of the season we’re sure Ross could have had a 2nd place finish during a rain affected race.

Brands Hatch 2015 first corner fun.

The start of 2015 saw the team experiencing all sorts of car problems.  Great turns of speed were more often than not followed by a retirement or error of some kind with Ross deciding to temporarily step back from the championship at the half way point of the season.  This is certainly not the end of the story though…sometimes you just have to take a step back before taking the next step!