We’re finally back!  A summer of poor fixture scheduling and championship organisation, as well as a random dodgy foot for Brian, has meant that Round 7 of the Avon Intermarque Championship at Brands Hatch on October 28th was our first meeting since all the way back at Round 2 on […]

Remember us?

Missed a few meetings, rebuilt the engine, back again …. you know the drill by this point!  With our engine receiving some much needed, but thankfully not too expensive attention since its problems last time out at Donington Park, we were back out with the Avon Intermarque Championship for the […]

Brands season finale

“Well we haven’t done this for a while have we?” It’s been a quiet season for us here at Loram Racing, September and round 6 of the Intermarque Championship at Donington Park on September 3rd would be only our second outing of the season after an engine problem at round […]

Donington Park