Summer Update

Hello!  It’s been a very strange few months for us here at Loram Racing (infact it’s been a strange few years!) but lets bring you up to date with the news since we last spoke!

Brian kicked off the season at Brands Hatch back in March but suffered a disastrous meeting, only completing qualifying before engine problems ruled him out of the rest of the meeting. 

(Thanks to Keith Duke for the pic)

Once back in the garage the engine was stripped, unfortunately revealing larger problems than we’d been hoping to see which was pretty gutting when the engine had been newly built for this season and there were high hopes for it.  As we speak the engine is being rebuilt although it has gained a new ‘head’ as the old one was damaged.  With the rest of the car back fighting fit, Brian is hoping to get back out onto the circuits before the end of the season.

Away from the Tigra and Brians lurking of the Classic Hotrod Facebook Group has led to him acquiring an Austin A40 road car!

Welcome to your new home!

He is stripping and preparing it for a return to oval racing in the Classic Hotrod formula.  This appeals to him for several reasons, firstly a competitive car can be prepared fairly cheaply (Zetec engines for example can be whipped from the scrapyard across the road for instance and there’s not much to do to them after) and secondly, once you have the car it should be pretty cost effective to run.  Just losing the entrance fees from the circuit racing is one big saving obviously.  Plus lets face it, they look pretty cool, good fun, and Brian is getting a bit older now 😉

Thanks must go to Lee Rogers for finding a car for us.  In fact he’s the man to ask about A40’s as he’s got one himself, albeit one he’s looking at taking into a circuit formula at a later date.  While we’re talking about the Rogers brigade lets also give a big well done to Lees son Ayrton, who has just competed in his first race meeting at Silverstone.  Armed with his newly built Citroen AX, Ayrton is competing in the Classic Touring Car Clubs pre-93 Championship and he managed a finish in his second race at Silverstone after technical problems in the first.  Well done!  The bug has truly bitten now 😉

No you won’t be driving that Ross no matter how well you fitted it!

One thing we do know for certain is that Ross won’t be going anywhere near a racing car for a while (not that he was planning to, but you know, he never did plan to and look what happened!)  After all the years of racing around at 130mph with barely a scratch, he got blown off his pushbike at the end of June in Scotland while he was attempting to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands End.  The crash smashed his left elbow pretty badly although luckily there were no other major injuries, just some scrapes and a badly bruised ego! 😉  After a tour of three of Scotland’s hospitals he got it plated and screwed back together in Inverness and is now back at home recovering!  And plotting how long it will be before he can get back on his bike and have another go obviously!

It all looked so good at the start!

That’s all for now, stay safe out there whatever you’re up to and we’ll hopefully see you trackside soon!

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