Wow, it’s orange again!

As 2016 turned into 2017, work on the rebuild of the Tigra has continued.  As we write in late January, the car is now back to being a rolling chassis, a very smart and very orange rolling chassis it is too!  As well as receiving its new paintwork the car has also been on a strict diet and we’ve shaved a few kilos off so far.  Brian is also on a diet as he refuses to undo all this good work by being heavier than he was last season!


Away from the garage we’ve had a trip to Timsbury to collect some engine parts from Frank Anderson Racing Engines.  The boat has been well and truly pushed out as Brian returned with a huge box of speed containing new pistons, cams, shells, valve springs, and gaskets etc.  All that remains is to build up the engine which is currently stripped down and awaiting its new parts. 


Once the engine is complete we’ll be fitting it to the car and finishing up the last of the jobs on that side of things.  And if you summarise it down to those last few sentences it sounds just that easy!  Unfortunately it is still quite a large amount of work but once it’s done we’re looking forward to getting back out on track.  Before then though we’ll be posting another update (a video update!) once the new engine fires into life!

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