Running in January?!?

“What on earth are you thinking? You can’t be starting the car and calling it nearly done in January!?! It should be finished the night before the first meeting…everybody knows that!”

It seems Brian has broken with tradition this year and he’s been hard at work ensuring that the car will be ready in plenty of time for the new Avon Intermarque season which kicks off at Brands Hatch on March 27th / 28th (timetable to be confirmed). We’ll be adding the rest of the fixtures to the calendar soon as they are confirmed but we can safely say that we’ll be seeing a lot of Brands Hatch this season.

On a more sombre note we sadly and unexpectedly lost our friend Racing Rob shortly before christmas. Rob will no doubt be known to many of you as a long time supporter of hotrods, firstly with Ralph Sanders and more recently with our little collection of racing enthusiasts in and around the Exeter area. Mike Loosemore, Lee Rogers, ourselves, Glenn Sanders…basically if you had a racecar near Rob, you were in. A visit to our garage would rarely pass without Robs friendly face popping in at some point, always with a view on the latest meeting and an interested nose at whatever work was being carried out on the car on that particular day. Always quick with a joke, a cup of coffee and especially useful whenever you had a tricky maths problem to work out. I’ll always remember handing him a cardboard mock up of a bafflingly tricky shaped fuel tank and marvelling as he worked out what it would hold using math that went way over my head. Rob will be missed, and my personal promise to him is that I will keep this website updated regularly following our race meetings….more than once I got an ear bashing off Rob for being too slow with an update so I promise to be punctual this season. RIP Rob.

Looking very good

Looking back to last season it was apparent that our engine was getting more than a little tired and lacking in horsepower so that has been removed, rebuilt and should be at its fighting best for this year. As is compulsory during the off season there’s also been quite a few more changes made with the front shock positions being altered and some shiny new AP rotors finding their way onto the front of the car. The Tigra has never stopped particularly well (not in its time as a circuit car anyway) and we hope this change will help rectify that problem. Thanks to Simon Smith at Autocross for his help sourcing the rotors and bells.


Much to Ross’ dismay, Brian has replaced our much loved pit bicycle with a rather strange eBay find. Brian assures us it’s rare and cool. On the plus side it’s called an ‘Express’ so we look forward to testing it out up the hill from the Brands Hatch outer paddock!

Apparently that’s not a permanent fuel tank

That’s all for this update, if we don’t see you before then we’ll see you at Brands for the first meeting. It should certainly be a good one as the Intermarques will be joined at Brands by the Pickups, Legends and the new B-TEC Touring car development series. Oh, and seeing as it’s Easter Truck Meeting we’ll also have those great big things to contend with! See you there!

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