Pre-season testing…..really

Yes you did read that headline correctly, we’ve been testing! The team took the revised Tigra and our new racevan for their first outings of the year with a trip across the border to Llandow in Wales last Tuesday. We spent most of the journey marvelling at how wonderful the new van is, and the rest of the journey trying to remember the last time we were ready in enough time to go testing before the season…the answer, a while ago!

Although not the biggest of circuits, Llandow is still a useful size and is available for cheap testing pretty much all year round which is brilliant. Especially when you consider how few testdays some of our other more local circuits such as Castle Combe or Thruxton are able to run. Even if we venture as far as Brands Hatch etc we then have to contend with terrible ‘closed session’ style test sessions which are just awful. Hundreds of pounds for a full days test when in reality you only get 4x 30 minute runs. Useless. Still, none of those problems at Llandow, we were the only car there!

In truth the day didn’t go as planned as we ran into quite a few problems throughout a very windy morning. The only positive was that we would at least rather find the problems before the start of the season and not at round 1! Despite a shower at lunch time we were looking forward to putting in some serious laps after lunch but unfortunately we had a problem which put us out for the rest of the day.

All in all not a perfect day then but at least our winter changes seem to have been a step in the right direction, while we were able to have a play around with the brakes during the morning and finally get them working well, unlike last season where Ross felt like chucking a parachute out the back of the car at times! We now have a list of tweaks to make based on what we did learn at Llandow, we just now need to decide if we’re going to get out testing again before the season kicks off at Snetterton or not. It may be a case of taking our best guess and going for it on the day, or we may book in for the Friday afternoon pre-race testing. Either way, we’ll be out on track on raceday giving it everything, see you there!

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