Off-season news

“But you can’t get a new van! Ours is famous, a well known and beloved character in its own right!”

“Just come for a drive in the new one…”

A short trip up the bypass later and the new van was indeed sold. Very cool it is too, a great big aggressive VW Crafter. Should certainly make the long trips to Snetterton and the like much more bearable, now we just need to kit the inside out like the old one and we’ll be there.


Last weekend we took a break from the garage work and made a trip to the NEC for the annual Autosport Racing Car Show. Impressive as ever, the show covered just about every class of racing we could think of, and some we’d never heard of. After a thorough look round, Brian and Ross had both decided they’d like to take home one of the many hilariously dangerous historic F1 cars to play with. Now where’s that cheque book? Other show highlights included Petter Solberg’s awesomely quick Citroen WRC in the otherwise terrible live action arena, and Ross nearly walking straight into Matt Neal, and we can confirm that he is TALL!

Well, we couldn’t go to the NEC and not have a picture of the famous ‘Sherman’ on the website

Back to the garage and another year brings another evolution of our trusty Tigra, now entering its 18th season if you trace its lineage back to its days as a Peugeot 205 when it rolled out of the workshop for the first time in 1997. This years changes are subtle compared to some, but if you look closely you’ll spot quite a few tweaks around the car which we’re confident should move things on a step from last season. The car just needs re-assembling now and we’ll be ready for a spot of pre-season testing which will make a nice change after starting 2014 in a mad, blind, unprepared panic!

Whilst cleaning out the old van (big job!) we were careful to remove our ‘victory bubbly’. We’ve had this bottle in the van since we began circuit racing, ready for that elusive first win. It’s been a long five and a half years (not that we’re counting) since Ross last won on the short oval at Mendips. Don’t tell anyone, but maybe we’ll sneak one this year…the bubbly is already in the new van…

As you may have seen online we’ve also been voted ‘Team of the Year’ after a vote was held on the ‘Quaife Intermarque Fans Page’ Facebook Page. If you haven’t already, pop over and have a look at their page. Thanks to everyone who voted for us, it’s great to be acknowledged…and Ross wasn’t at all grumpy about not being voted ‘Driver of the Year’ 😉 Our congrats to Malcolm Blackman on that one.

Be afraid Tigra, be very afraid, Brians Anglia is coming…

Finally a big thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of Ross’ book, either the paperback or the e-book version, it’s much appreciated! If you enjoyed it please consider leaving a review on Amazon, and if you didn’t enjoy it, maybe skip leaving a review 😉

That’s it for now, we’ll keep you updated with some pre-season testing news when we get back out on track.

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