Pre-season news

“Well it could be worse…the season could have started in March!”

Thankfully this seasons Quaife Intermarque Championship kicks off on April 12th at Brands Hatch giving us (at the time of writing) 1 month to finish off the Tigra. It will be a busy month but there’s no reason for the car not to be on the grid at Brands, something it must be said that was looking in doubt just a short month ago!

Lists everywhere

Fortunately Brian took advantage of his self-employed status to spend a week really cracking on with the car in early February (so apologies if you weren’t able to book your bike in with him for an MOT that week!) Since then we’ve kept up the pace and the car is really starting to look like……a car! Which is just as well as our backup plan of dragging the 206 out for the first meeting is no longer an option as it’s sold! But the good news is that it’ll still be raced in the Intermarques this year so we’ll be sure to say hello.

Its nearly a car again!

With the mammoth list of pre-paint jobs completed by the end of February we were finally able to break out the orange paint for the chassis. It’s a change from the ordinary this time as we’ve gone for the Ford Focus ‘ASBO Orange’ as it’s known instead of our usual colour. Except we’re not entirely sure it’s been successful, infact it’s all Ross could do to persuade Brian not to rush up the garage the day after to respray everything! Paul meanwhile has been busy prepping and spraying the panels which do seem to have come out a little brighter than the chassis thanks to some bright white primer underneath the orange which seems to have done the trick. All in all it should look ace, anyway, a fast car is a sexy car.

Sexy new gearbox, thanks to Sean at the Exeter Gearbox Centre

The rebuilt engine is in and mated to our new 4 speed synchro gearbox which we have to say a big thanks to Sean at the Exeter Gearbox Centre for his help with supplying. Elsewhere we have a new prop and axle all fitted along with most of the front suspension. As soon as we remember where we put the last parts of the front left suspension that’ll be on the car too!

Our very trick new fuel tank is in along with the rest of the fuel system while the pedal box is in and we’ve made a start on running the rest of the brake lines and wiring through the car. All in all it’s coming together very nicely, but we all know it’ll still come down to the last night before we leave for Brands!

This will be the last update until the Brands Hatch report is up so wish us luck! We’ll be testing at Brands on the Friday afternoon (11th April) before the meeting which is currently scheduled to all take place on Saturday 12th April. See you there!

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