Look at the time!

Rule number 1 when building a car – don’t make lists. In early January when we thought there were ‘a couple’ jobs left before stripping the car down and spraying the chassis we managed to fill an A4 sheet of paper with a seemingly endless list of frustratingly small but time consuming jobs. Truth be told it’s only Ross’ ridiculously small handwriting that stopped it continuing onto 2 sheets!

Still, one by one they’ve been crossed off the list and we now really do have ‘a couple’ jobs left before we can get some paint on the chassis and start building it up ready for its first meeting at Brands Hatch on April 12th/13th

Okay it’s an old ‘stock photo’ to liven up the page but surely it’s be a good omen to get some photos up of the Tigra winning before the start of the season?

We’re not going to go into a blow by blow accounts of all the odds and ends that have been done to the car, partly because they’re mostly dull for the web and not final yet, but mostly because we can’t go giving away all the tricks just yet 😉 But the Tigra is looking sexy. We might have had to make some cutbacks to save money in a few places and we might not get chance to do any testing before Brands…..but we’re still coming out to be podium regulars this year in what is shaping up to be a very big and competitive Quaife Intermarque Championship grid.

And another…happy days

Watch this space for another pre-Brands update when the car is being assembled and looking a bit more photogenic!

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