Christmas News

“That’s it! I’m not doing any more until we get a flat bloody floor in this garage!!!”
“It’s done us alright for the last 10 years!”
“Yes, but we were only trying to go in circles then…”

So as we wait for our builder friend to flatten up the ‘not quite flat’ garage floor let’s bring you upto speed with the latest goings on in our leaning cow shed.

“Buy me!”

The big garage sale has been and gone with a fair degree of success. All 7 of the ‘smaller’ items (gearboxes, calipers, fuel tank and pedal box) sold. Unfortunately the 206 didn’t sell despite having a fair amount of interest so if you’re looking to join in with our championship next year then we have your new car here, gleaming clean and ready for you for £3995, bargain! (Just contact us if you’d like more info)

Whilst selling off some things we’ve also had a good clearout in the garage which has given us the room to really crack on with the Tigra. (Yay!) As we speak it’s coming along nicely in it’s dry build phase with all it’s suspension done, engine and gearbox in , seat and pedal box all in and the body is mounted too. Hopefully by Chrismas we’ll be ready to pull it apart and spray the chassis. It’s all getting very exciting!

“I don’t care how perfect it makes the weight distribution, I’m not driving it from here!”

Elsewhere the engine we used in the 206 last season has been stripped down ready for a rebuild. (Well, Brian built it back at the start of 2010 so it’s definatly due one!) A close up inspection revealed no problems so Brian made the trip to Frank Andersons to collect the bits ready to rebuild it to go in the Tigra next season.


There are a number of other items on our shopping list at the moment with a new gearbox coming top of the list. We just need to make some decisions now! Probably better hurry up with those decisions too before Ross spends all the money, he’s already treated himself to this –

Ross has joined the dark side….. it’s a diesel

That’s it for now, have a good christmas everyone, we’ll probably be spending the majority of ours at the garage, better dig the heater out!

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