Pre-silverstone news

What a long time between meetings! So long infact that we’ve gone and updated the website with some pre-Silverstone news!

Ooh, shiny!

Firstly we’d like to say a very big thank you to our sponsors Exeter Gearbox Centre, not only have they fixed the gearbox Ross broke at Snetterton (which as suspected had some broken synchros) but they’ve also gone and bought us a lovely new diff. Thanks very much! Should also save us frantically running down pitlane trying to borrow one should we have another problem!

I think we can definatly add signwriting to our little teams list of skills now πŸ™‚

With this long gap between meetings we’ve also taken the opportunity to whip the front bumper off for a respray as half a seasons racing had left it missing a great deal of its paint. It’s certainly looking much better now…..we must still be keen after that Snetterton result πŸ˜‰ Plus, don’t forget the car is still for sale, contact us or come see us at Silverstone on 7th September for more info.

The new roof with new door shuts ready to have a mould taken off it. (Since done)

There’s been some progress with the Tigra too. After much discussion the passenger side doorbars are in place along with a battery tray, seat mounts and a general finishing up of all the welding. We’ve also had the fibreglass out to make a new roof mould that includes door shuts for the tops of the doors to shut neatly against and fix to (obviously)

That’s about it for now, if you haven’t seen it yet may we recommend you head over to Youtube to watch our favourite video of the week as this Ginetta driver in British GT collects a door at well over 100 mph and barely flinches. Balls of steel that man, you have our respect! Also, if you missed the coverage of us from Snetterton on Motors TV you can see it online here.

That’s all for now, see you at Silverstone!

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