New season incoming!

Less than 3 months until the start of the season! With that news in mind we decided it was probably time to drag Ross’ 206 down off the ramp and make sure it was all ready to go. The only problem with that plan being that as the car has been up on the ramp for 3 months by this point we have rather filled up all the space on the floor under the car leaving no way to get it down! So, 2 days of garage sorting later (it really did need it) and several van fulls of rubbish have left us with a much more organised garage and enough space to get the car off the ramp. Result!

She might be dusty but at least we can get to her now!

With the car now accessible there’s the inevitable little list of pre-season jobs to crack on with. Mostly the car needs a good clean as inside it’s still full of Rockinghams finest infield mud and grass from Ross pulling off at the last meeting of 2012! Aside from that the gearbox needs to go back in, along with the seat which has been out for mocking up in the Tigra. Brian had an attack of inspiration and is making some rather nifty new front brake ducts which direct fresh air right round the disc and calliper, an improvement on the old ones which invariably came back pointing at the floor after a race!

Other jobs are to move the transponder to comply with the new placement rule as well as a touch of lightening wherever possible as the old girl was getting a bit hefty by the end of last season! The front end paintwork will also get a touch up and one of the splitter mounts that got broken at Rockingham needs replacing. Finally we have the always entertaining job of removing the cracked windscreen (we normally result to tyre irons for this) and fitting a new one. With all that done we’ll be ready for Brands!

Not a lot to report on the Tigra front since the last update except that we now have a dash / scuttle with somewhere to mount the windscreen to…so that’s handy!

Words cannot describe how light these are!

We’ve had some interesting parcels arrive in the mail recently too, firstly these very nice used F1 wheels which Ross will be using on his F1 simulators (work on those is still inching along too with front wings now almost complete) The tyres will be arriving shortly too.

Finally we’ve also received our 2013 calenders which you can see above. They’re made by Rafal at Fast & Focus and we think they’re absolutely brilliant….we just can’t wait until October to get our photo up there! If you’d like one click here to visit Rafals site, it’s a bargain!

That’s it for this update, we’ll be seeing you at a racetrack soon!

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