Happy new year

Happy new year! We hope you had a good christmas and new year but personally speaking we were in the garage by boxing day, there’s lots to do you know!

Since the last update a great deal has happened so here’s a quick blow by blow account of the headlines –

– Draft technical regulations published for 2013 that ban datalogging and carbon panels

– Ross throws toys out of pram at the news and begins pricing up a Ginetta while new Tigra also looks fairly illegal

– Revised technical regs allow limited datalogging and carbon wings etc while altered wheelbase regs make Tigra slightly less dramatically illegal

– Ross puts toys back in his pram

– Provisional calendar for 2013 announced. Bad news of no Thruxton visit is made up for by a visit to Castle Combe, another fast south west (ish) circuit. Ross also nearly wets himself at the prospect of a visit to Cadwell Park and immediately begins watching Youtube videos. Lydden, Snetterton and 3 (!) visits to Brands complete the calendar.

Nope, that’s a rubbish driving position!

So, that’s brought you upto date with the latest championship news while over in the garage the Tigra is now sporting a body and after several days of much measuring and Brian cursing where it seemed the car really didn’t want to go back together at all, it’s started playing again and progress has continued. The front suspension has been revised (or is that re-re-revised by this point?), the engine has been moved forwards and the rear end has a rather sexy crash structure which we don’t have any pictures of! (Sorry! You’ll have to take our word for how sexy it is!)

Hang on a minute, those colours look familiar!

Early January has also seen Ross spending time on 2 wheels rather than the usual 4 as he’s been haring around Torbay on his new road bike. Very very sexy it is too, and fast once you get used to riding on tyres the width of rubber bands! Don’t tell anybody but Ross has entered a 60 mile cycling event on April 14th that’s rather ominously called the South Hams Hammer … well, it’s no worse than climbing 3 mountains in 24 hours is it?

Until next time!

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