Exciting garage times

While there may be no on track action this September that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any activity in the garage! Brian has been full steam ahead on the Tigra which we hope will be out on track next season.

The front suspension is now pretty much complete and it’s a little odd to see the car with equal suspension on each side after all the years of it’s uneven oval suspension! The new front end is also massively adjustable so we’ll be able to get the set-up perfect…or completely confuse ourselves! Since these photos have been taken we also have a very sexy mounting for the steering rack, ooh it’s exciting!

In case you didn’t know, Brians car has always affectionatly been known as ‘Betsy’ Everything works better with an identity 😉

Meanwhile the gearbox is out of Ross’ 206 after its problems at Thruxton and is currently at the Exeter Gearbox Centre. A visit to Seans this week to see the stripped gearbox revealed a box of broken pieces so we have some replacement parts on order from Quaife to try and stop the same problem occuring again.


In other news Ross has mainly been found in the back of the garage working on super secret project number 1 recently…..more info to follow on that one soon….

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