Changes for Silverstone

With round 2 of the season at Silverstone looming in the not too distant future we’re happy to report that the car is almost ready…no last minute manic panic like we had before Brands last time!

A sneaky shot of the new wing before paint

As we found out at Brands that the rear wing was too high the first job on our list was to lower the wing. After having a closer look at the old wing however we decided the shape of it was all wrong and that we’d make a new wing for the car. In fact we’re pretty sure the only reason we had to fit such a massive gurney flap to the car was due to the wing having such a bad profile that it wasn’t generating downforce without the gurney flap. Fortunately we had the rear wing off Brians Peugeot 205 lying around the garage which just happened to come off an Arrows F1 car many years ago! Despite being rather narrow it was clearly a much better shape so we’ve taken a mould from it and made a much wider version. This is now mounted lower down to confirm with the blue book regs but we’ve been able to move the wing back a fair amount from the old position so it should still be in fairly ‘clean air’ To mount the wing so much further back has required some ‘interesting’ and somewhat ‘radical’ rear wing mounts, no pictures yet however, it’s a surprise for Silverstone! So check it out there or see the pics here after the meeting!

It’s not a rockery!

Meanwhile Ross’ trip into the gravel at Brands has meant removing the front bumper and splitter to empty out a full bucket of gravel which had basically filled the front end of the car up, it’s simply staggering how much of it there was! Everywhere! While the front end is apart the plan is to also give the bumper a quick respray as it’s looking pretty stone chipped and tired. The unbreakable splitter lives on though! That’s a high speed grass track off road moment at Pembrey and a dunking in the gravel at Brands it’s had so far….let’s see what Silverstone has in store for it!

Nevermind the car, Ross has been busy making funky website addy’s with the signwriting machine!

Other jobs have been a diff change for the long Silverstone straights and the usual spanner check / clean up. Now it’s time to get on YouTube and study some videos before we head to yet another new track!

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