Nearly a car again

Well, February is here and we’re pleased to say that the rebuild of Ross’ 206 is nearing completion. Since our last update the brake calipers / pads and lines have all been fitted as well as the rear interior panelling.

The exhaust manifold has had a fresh coat of paint baked on and is looking much smarter on the car than it did last season! We just need to finish altering the rear of the system now to avoid the new prop catcher and that will be another area done. The gearbox has been returned from the Exeter Gearbox Centre with a clean bill of health and is also back in the car.

On the gadget front Ross has purchased a predictive laptimer and speed display unit for the Racelogic Video Vbox system he won at the Autosport show last month.  To save wasting time at a circuit learning how to use the system Ross has had the whole system in his long suffering Ford Puma which has let him experiment with all the various settings and features on numerous trips around the block! The neighbours might be a bit confused but the system is working perfectly and will be going into the racecar this week.

Next jobs are to repanel the car and tidy up all the loose ends before digging out the crash helmet and seeing what sort of improvement we’ve made with all this hard work!

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