Orange chassis…and walls…

Well, fuelled by a heavy diet of Christmas dinners and deserts as well as copious numbers of chocolates and mince pies we’ve put another big tick on the To-do list and sprayed Ross’ chassis.

Primer in the picture above and lovely orange below!

After finishing up the bulkheads and preparing the floors it took little more than an hour to first prime the chassis and then hit it with our trademark orange (and could everyone else stop doing orange cars please!!!)

So bright you’ll need sunglasses

With the chassis now lovely and shiny the next job is re-assembly! All the suspension parts have been stripped down and are ready to be resprayed which won’t take long. The rest of the rebuild should (note the use of the word ‘ should’) be a fairly straightforward process, just lots of cleaning and checking of everything before it is fitted (as well as lightening anything we can along the way!)

Quite possibly one of the fiddliest aspects of the rebuild could be the wiring as we’ve junked all the old stuff which as you can see from the picture was a complete nightmare (and that’s only half of it) as we thought it would probably be easier to just do if from scratch rather than try to figure out the mess we had before!

That’s it for this update, happy new year everyone and if you’re heading to the Autosport show in January we’ll see you there!

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