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Hello everyone! Since the last update work has continued on Ross’ 206, finally getting the chassis ready for spraying with all the old paint and ‘nasty bits’ taken care of!

We love a bare chassis!

With that job done we’re now in the process of making the new bulkheads and floors etc. The new front bulkhead has been moved slightly to give more room for the engine and exhaust which should make working on the car a lot easier. (It also looks pretty darn cool) The new gearbox tunnel is also now done, within which we have a new prop catcher which should (if the prop breaks) keep it under control.

Note the circular prop catcher

We’ve also added a couple small bars at the rear end which serve a couple of functions, firstly to allow us somewhere to mount the new fuel tank and keep it safely out of the way of the axle and secondly to brace the chassis at the point where the top link from the axle mounts to it. There was no bracing to this point last season and we’re pretty sure it was allowing a bit of flex and causing the slight shudder when accelerating hard from low speeds.

Pfft, winning wasn’t simple last season! We bought this in a shop and it is infact a postcard. We’re thinking of sending one to every driver before next season 😉

Regarding the new fuel tank, we’ve made a mock-up of what we want from cardboard and a new alloy one is currently being made, expect some pictures next time! Until then, have a merry christmas everyone!

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