Winter rebuild begins

Well it’s been just a few short weeks since our last meeting at Brands but work on improving Ross’ 206 for next years Quaife Intermarque championship is already well underway!

The car is currently down to a bare chassis and we are now in the painstaking process of cleaning off all the old paint, removing the floors and bulkheads and generally ‘cleaning up’ the chassis. As it’s quite an old car there are more than a few now unused brackets and offcuts where tubes have been removed or relocated so these can all be removed to save some weight and generally tidy the car up! The old floors are incredibly thick and heavy so these will also be changed for something a little lighter, as will the bulkheads which to be honest are very old and completely knackered anyway!

We thought it quite cool that original pen markings are still visible under the old paint! Chassis #7. Perhaps we’ll write a message on there for the next people who rebuild it!

We’ve also decided to have a new fuel tank made and also adjust its position slightly. When we looked at the car minus it’s panels we realised how easy it would have been for the axle to impact the tank if it were to get hit so the new tank and position will sort out that problem. Not that Ross is planning on crashing next season but just in case…!

3 cans and counting…

Also on the list of changes to make before repainting the chassis is the addition of an effective prop-catcher (after Marks horrific story at Brands last meeting about the driver who nearly had his arm ripped off when his propshaft broke)


So, that’s where we are as of November 12th 2011. It shouldn’t be long before we can spray the chassis and start re-assembling the beast!

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