Pre-Rockingham news

Hello everyone! Just over a week to go until round 5 at Rockingham so it must be time for a quick progress update. First and most importantly we’ve found the cause of the terrible rear end shuddering we were suffering with at Snetterton as the rear discs are very badly cracked. You’d think seeing as we had this problem earlier on in the season with the front brakes that we’d have been on the case a little quicker but at least we’ve got there in the end! We just didn’t expect that the rear could suffer with this problem but we live and learn!

Newness has definatly worn off that

In truth this is what we expected to happen this season as with no previous circuit experience it was always going to be a bit of a steep learning curve, the circuit racing is just so much harder on the car than short oval racing but hopefully that’s the last of the gremlins ironed out now (Must have been all that water at Mallory – everyone knows you shouldn’t mix Gremlins with water….) So (as with the front earlier in the year) the new replacement discs won’t be drilled which seems to solve the problem. (As would fitting some proper rotors but the budget is long blown for extras like that!)

Rockingham up next…should be enough seating then…

The car has also been back on the scales and we’ve had a bit of a play around with ride heights and spring rates to get the setup closer to were we’d like it. Ideally we need to move a lot of static weight around in the car to balance everything up perfectly but that’s a winter job!

We also have a new sequential shift light to fit (assuming it ever arrives) and then we’re all ready for Rockingham on the 21st! Let’s have a good one!

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