Yearly Archives: 2011

Well, fuelled by a heavy diet of Christmas dinners and deserts as well as copious numbers of chocolates and mince pies we’ve put another big tick on the To-do list and sprayed Ross’ chassis. Primer in the picture above and lovely orange below! After finishing up the bulkheads and preparing […]

Orange chassis…and walls…

Hello everyone! Since the last update work has continued on Ross’ 206, finally getting the chassis ready for spraying with all the old paint and ‘nasty bits’ taken care of! We love a bare chassis! With that job done we’re now in the process of making the new bulkheads and […]

…and on…

Well it’s been just a few short weeks since our last meeting at Brands but work on improving Ross’ 206 for next years Quaife Intermarque championship is already well underway! The car is currently down to a bare chassis and we are now in the painstaking process of cleaning off […]

Winter rebuild begins

Hello everyone! Just over a week to go until round 5 at Rockingham so it must be time for a quick progress update. First and most importantly we’ve found the cause of the terrible rear end shuddering we were suffering with at Snetterton as the rear discs are very badly […]

Pre-Rockingham news