Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! The festive season is certainly upon us and it seems Ross’ 206 is getting more presents than anyone else this year! The new 3 piece Image wheels have arrived for the front of the car with the rears and spare being built up from the usable parts of a set that were originally on Ross’ Fiesta (remember that!?!) As well as looking fairly trick the new wheels have also helped shave a fair bit of weight from the car. Continuing with the weight saving theme we’ve saved around another 5kg from the doors, junked a few useless brackets and replaced the anti-roll bar mounts with lighter smoother plastic ones. Ross has also promised not to negate all these weight savings by piling on a load of weight over the Christmas holidays!

The new wheels. Well, an image of them stolen from the Image site appropriately enough!

We also still hope to get a new gearbox for the car before the start of next season but we’ll have to see how the finances are coming along!

The new pistons. Well, an image of them stolen from the QED website…noticing a pattern in this update?

On the engine side of things our new Pistons have arrived and new steel rods will be following shortly. In fact, two sets of steel rods will be arriving as Brian is currently converting his Tigra to join Ross in the Intermarque championship later on next season! In preparation for this the Tigra has been stripped to a bare chassis with new drivers side door bars just being finished up now. While it’s in this bare chassis state we’ll also be moving the battery and fire extinguisher to the passenger side along with a new larger fuel tank. New front suspension will need to be built as well as adding screens, wipers, demisters, fog lights.…basically all the jobs we did to Ross’ 206 back in the summer! As the circuit racing generally doesn’t have as much up close lap by lap contact the Tigra will also be getting a new lightweight body to make sure car and driver don’t come out too far above the 830kg minimum weight.

Brians Tigra – coming soon to a circuit near you! (Thanks to

We’ve just found out that our opening fixture of 2011 will be Brands Hatch on April 10th and although the full fixture list hasn’t been finalised yet we’re looking forward to visiting Mallory Park, Snetterton and Rockingham amongst others during the course of the season.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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