Progress update

Hello there, as it’s been a while since the sites been updated I thought we’d have a bit of a catch up this week. Firstly as you may have noticed Brian missed the last Mendips meeting as the car wasn’t finished in time, mainly due to a severe lack of interest on Brians part it must be said as well as a few other factors rather than there being anything majorly wrong with the car. It will be back in action at the end of August however for the West of England meeting.

Over on the other side of the garage progress is gradually being made on Ross’ 206, preparing it for it’s circuit racing debut at Castle Combe on October 2nd. We will be out testing before then however, at the moment the plan being to get a runout at Llandow before a day at Brands Hatch (which will be the venue for the second meeting in November)

As you can see from the pics we have the engine back in with it’s new wet sump pan. This has enabled us to get the engine lower as well as hopefully meaning the engine won’t blow up when the car arrives at the first left hander! The windscreen is also in along with the wiper motor which is all fitted in and working…still to do though is replacing the arm with a much longer one. As you can see in the following pic the one currently on there is a little small!

Up at the front of the car we have the new splitter finished and ready to be fitted along with a front undertray to improve the aerodynamics and provide some downforce.

These stay bars will let us alter the angle of the splitter as well as ensuring it stays still at speed.

The main centre section of the car has a new flat steel floor and we’re currently making a rear diffuser to finish off the undercar modifications.

You can also see in these pics that all the holes which were in the back of the car have been covered over as they’re not permitted in the rules. They also have no use now the car has a diffuser! Holes in the bonnet and other allowable areas meanwhile have been meshed over.

There have been a few changes in ‘the office’ as well with several new switches to control the wipers, demist fan and rain light as well as improved firewalls. Still to do in here is a slight adjustment to the pedal heights and relocation of the brake reservoirs from inside the dash to under the bonnet to comply with the new regulations.

So, quite a few changes being made then as we alter the car to meet the rules for the championship as well as trying to make sure it’s at least somewhere near the pace when the racing begins! Next up on the list of jobs still to be completed we will spraying the new floors, fitting the battery, fire extinguisher system, seat and belts as well as making the rear screen and rear 3/4 windows. After that the splitter and front undertray can go on as can the rear diffuser….once it’s finished! Once all that’s done it’s time to get it on the scales before getting it out on track. Hope it’s all worth it!

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