Licenced to thrill!

A quick update today to let you know that Ross has successfully passed his ARDS Test at Brands Hatch. This means he now has the licence he needs to enter the Quaife Intermarque championship. (National Race ‘B’) The test comprises a written and practical test so once the written section was successfully out of the way Ross got to experience some laps on the Brands Hatch Indy circuit in one of the circuits Seat Leons.

(Ross entering Paddock Hill bend, later described as ‘awesome’)

Accompanied by an examiner Ross passed the test without any problems and certainly seemed to enjoy his first outing onto the larger circuits. Being an open trackday as well as an ARDS Test day there were a fair amount of cars out at the same time too to liven up proceedings!

(Ross’ stig T-shirt obviously impressed the examiners!)

Back on the car side of things there’s still much work to do although on the plus side a few large deliveries during the past few days mean we have nearly all the neccesary parts to finish the car. The new springs and pads are here so the suspension can be re-attached and the car let back down onto its wheels. Once that’s done the engine can go back in with its new wet sump and head gasket, along with the circuit gearbox and the prop.

(New matched springs for front & back)

Following on from that the screens need to be fitted along with the battery and fire extinguisher as well as the fuel tank which is currently away being enlarged….hopefully enough that we’ll have enough fuel to finish the races! Last but not least we’ll have the car on the scales for final setup and then a last checkover…much to do then but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

(New rear pads)

Brians car is sat in the other side of the garage whilst all this work is going on, patiently waiting for its next outing on May 31st at Mendips, we’ll see if Brian can make it 3 final wins from 3 meetings!

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