To the circuits!

So the big news from Loram Racing is that Ross is stepping upto circuit racing in the Quaife Intermarque Championship. The series is held over 9 double race events per year and takes in some greats tracks including Brands Hatch, Castle Coombe and Snetterton amongst others.

With a wide mix of cars Ross will be entering the SHP 206 he originally intended to use on the ovals this season. There are a number of changes being made to the car however, both to confirm with the championship regulations and to improve the car for the higher speed circuits.

The 206 at the first Mendips meeting of the season before the changes began! (

Before any of that though Ross needs a National B Race licence and has already got the forms, had a medical and has his ARDS test booked at Brands Hatch on May 25th. The ARDS test is a written and practical evaluation of a drivers ability to race safely and when this is hopefully passed Ross will have the necessary license to go racing…..albeit just over £500 worse off!

So, with the licence process underway we’ve also been busy on the car. Here’s what we’ve been upto and have planned.

Floors. Old floors have been removed and are to be replaced with new steel ones that are both flat and not full of holes like the old ones! Front and rear undertrays are being added to improve the aerodynamics.

Old floors coming off

Screens. Screens are being added (front/rear and rear sides) to confirm with the regulations and improve aerodynamics. Also while we’re at it we’ll be fitting wipers and blowers for our wonderful English weather!

Body. New rear wing mounts to confirm with regs and a front splitter is being added to improve the aerodynamics.

Weight distribution. Obviously as Ross’ car was built to race on ovals it has an inside weight bias so to even up the weight distribution somewhat for circuits we’ll be relocating items such as the battery / fire extinguisher etc to the passenger side. Should the car need ballast to meet the minimum weight this will also be located in the passenger side to further even up the static weight.

Set-up. Again this is an area that needs a lot of work, fundamentally just to get the setup back ‘square’ Otherwise Ross will be in for some serious trouble when he encounters the first left hander!

Repairs. The car took quite a beating at the first Mendips meeting last month and has had a new right side wishbone and radiator fitted. The tailgate and rear bumper have been repaired and the rear bumper mounts straightened. As a mark of a good crash the engine also needs to be moved back upright to where it started the day!

Racewear. Fortunately all the racewear is pretty good stuff so a new helmet is all that’s needed on that side of things.

Gearbox. A new gearbox is being fitted…although we’re not 100% sure which one yet. Needless to say the old hotrod box with it’s two second gears probably won’t be a lot of use on a long track though.

Wheels and Tyres. The current wheels are to be used (albeit balanced) and initially we’re planning to use the old Avon A10 tyres we currently have. These will be changed at a later date to a more suitable (and much less worn out) set of harder compound Avons when funds allow. (As this is all getting mighty expensive….any sponsorship greatly received!)

Signwriting. We also need to produce some signwriting without ripping up all the vinyl like we did before the first meeting of this season!

So, that’s what we’re upto at the moment on Ross’ side of the garage. Meanwhile in Brians side the Tigra is also undergoing a few small tweaks ahead of the next Mendips meeting on May 31st. Before then however we’ll be attending the next Intermarque meeting at Mallory Park on May 16th for a good spy on the competition! Expect more updates on progress soon.

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