Season is go

Just a few short weeks after practice day and we find ourselves back at Mendips for the start of the season proper. With Brian and Ross both in attendance it was Ross who made the bigger impression in practice as he went crashing into the fence at the bottom bend. A closer inspection of the car in the pits revealing a badly placed bottom hose off the radiator had been making contact with the suspension which eventually broke the end off the radiator and deposited several litres of anti-freeze under the car….nice!

Still, with Brian enjoying a much better time in practice and Ross’ car beaten back into shape it was time to go straight into race 1. Brian showed straight away that anything Ross can do, he can do better, as he spun in the middle of the pack early on in the race but he kept it off the walls and rejoined further back.

Ross was getting to grips with the 206 again and after a slow start was picking up places and after some interesting moments was through to 3rd behind Phil Parkhouse, however Phil clearly didn’t feel like being overtaken and proceeded to run Ross clean off the track on 3 occasions which finally dropped a frustrated Ross back to 6th at the finish, just in front of a very rapidly recovering Brian.

Heat 2 and Brian was certainly looking at one with his Tigra now as he moved up to 2nd place before pressing Wilson Hamilton for the lead in the closing stages. In the end though that was one place too far so it was a very close 2nd place finish. Ross meanwhile was looking decidedly out of sorts as he cruised round at the back of the field prompting Brian asking if he’d ‘lost his mojo’. He’d certainly lost something, although to be honest it seems to be his interest in hotrods.

Onto the final and an incredibly inaccurate grid order, perhaps all the orange and black is a bit confusing. Still, it made little difference as Brian made his way to the front. Passing a couple cars in the opening laps he made it round the outside of Norton into second before reeling in Tossel at the front. By this stage Ross’ seemingly dis-interested charge to the back of the field was complete and he had the best view of anyone as the leaders began lapping the back markers. With Tossel wrong footed by the Shelper / Parkhouse battle, Brian made his move to take the lead and the win just a couple laps later!

A great day for Brian then on his return and with a couple changes in mind it could be even better at the next meeting on May 2nd, see you there.

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