Practice day report

The 2010 season is go!!! Saturday 6th March saw Ross and Brians cars get their first outing of the year at the annual Mendips practice day. With a dry track and a good number of cars in attendance #26 and #262 took to the track to put some gentle laps on the new engines. Brian also getting some first laps on the Mendips track in a few years and Ross finding his way in his new 206, the initial reaction after the first run being ‘my god, it has no brakes!’

Lee Rogers took Brians Tigra out for a few runs in the afternoon and seemed to enjoy being back in a hotrod at Mendips instead of his usual Pickup Truck.

Ross meanwhile had gotten a few laps under his belt and was looking much happier with his new car and engine, infact everyone was pretty surprised by how well the bargain basement engine was performing!

Ignore the old signwriting, we assure you it’s Ross in there!

Had the day ended there it would have been a fairly good one, however on the next run the 206’s engine cried enough as it was really pushed to its limits. The resulting noise meant an early end to the day and a strip down needed at the garage to find out the cause of the problems.

Happily the engine in the Tigra was sounding crisp and performing very well as Brian took the car out for one last run to snatch fastest lap off Ross with a best lap of 13.768, the racing hasn’t started and they’re competing already!

So with the engine problems the following days trip to Buxton had to be called off but all in all the team are pretty pleased with the days outing. Brians Tigra performed well and the engine is certainly a big improvement on last season while Ross was pleased with the 206’s handling and pleasantly surprised by the engine….now we’re off back to the garage to rebuild said engine!

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