Sunday 26th July certainly proved to be an interesting day for the team at Mendips. After a fairly dry and pleasing practice session the hotrod drivers mostly hid themselves away in front of TV’s to watch the Grand Prix before emerging several hours later for the first hot rod race. As the race approached however the rain began and a hasty change to wets was needed before lining up for heat one.

With #26 and the other rods lining up on the grid the weather really did get very bad very quickly with heavy rain and incredibly poor visibility. Ross (and for that matter everyone) struggled round as best they could, trying to make the decision of do you have your foggy visor down and not see anything or lift it up and still not see anything due to all the water being thrown in your face? Decisions decisions πŸ˜‰

Despite being a much faster and more responsive car in dry conditions Ross was finding the pay off for this improved dry weather performance was a fairly lively car in the wet, although in fairness everyone was struggling. Fourth place (so i’m told) at the finish was the result…Ross and the other drivers just happy to make the finish!

With the weather showing no sign of improvement and visibility still nothing more than a few car lengths the meeting had to be cancelled with no other races taking place after the first hot rod race. We wait to see wether or not the meeting will be rearranged, if not the next outing is the West of England on August 31st. For now it’s time to get back to the important work…..building Ross’ new Tigra πŸ™‚

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