Midsummer Mendips

Saturday 27th June saw the team travelling to Mendips Raceway in the baking summers heat for round 4 of the season. Arriving early to run some new tyres in, the team were also pleased to find the problem behind the recent lack of rear brakes with what appeared to be a stuck adjuster. Unsticking it certainly provided Ross with enough rear brakes to be making some interesting corner entries as he dialled them in!

We love our Tigra 🙂

With practice over for the afternoon there was a long gap till the evenings racing, only part of which we used by the traditional burning of burgers on our BBQ!

Onto the racing and #26 lined up at the back of the 12 car grid for heat 1 but avoided early dramas and spins to move upto 5th behind Mike Norton. After a few laps tailing Nortons 205, Ross managed to get onto the outside and looked to be making progress but as the pair dived into the top corner they found Shelpers Corrado sat blocking the track.

As Mike stuck to the inside and through the only available gap Ross jumped on the brakes but ran out of time and track as he bumped into the Corrado. Sat in the middle of the track fortunately the following cars missed the pair as the #26 Tigra restarted and lined up at the back of the field again for the restart. With no major damage Ross picked his way back upto 5th by the finish, slightly frustrating but the car was going well…..if running a little hot.

For race 2 Ross benefited from the reverse grids to line up on pole and went on to win convincingly to put a smile back on our faces!

As the night drew in and the light faded the cars took to the track for the final time. Ross made a complete hash of the start as he missed 2nd gear off the line but managed to hang onto position and start making up places, chasing Ralph Sanders through the field until the pair caught Dave Tossell in 3rd when the yellow flags came out to move Alistair’s car which was stuck just off the racing line on the inside of the top corner.

From the restart a very busy five car battle for 2nd ensued behind #83, with nobody able to progress round the outside as the top corner was proving incredibly slippery on the wider line. As Sanders tried and failed Ross moved up his inside to take 4th, followed by Norton.

The #26 Tigra then set about finding a way past Tossells Saxo and eventually made it up the inside although unfortunately just as the group were closing in on a backmarker so as Ross got boxed in he dropped back to 6th! Close racing! With only a few laps to go #26 quickly closed back in on the group and got back to 5th by the finish.

The end of another nights racing then and for what seems like the first time in a long time the car came home virtually undamaged all bar the obligatory few scrapes! So with no major work to do on the car and nearly a month until the next meeting we’re eager to make some progress on Ross’ new (or incredibly old, depending on how you look at it!) car for next season…then there’s that transporter to finish as well……never a dull moment! See you next time.

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