Bank holiday Monday was the latest outing for the Loram Racing Team with the repaired Tigra taking to the track early for practice after taking a bit of a pounding at the last meeting. Ross wasn’t entirely happy with the car though, feeling the new rear brakes and pads weren’t working particularly well but hoping they would come good throughout the day.

Bit of dust in the air then…

Onto the racing and the organisers had a surprise in store for us as the cars were grided in a very tight side by side virtually nose to tail grid. Quite different to our usual line-up which has maybe a two car length gap between the drivers. Sure enough the grid provided some entertainment for the crowd but it didn’t go down too well with the drivers, most of whom (Ross included) spent the race stuck in an endless queue of traffic in which everyone was quickly and understandably losing their patience.

From a mid grid start #26 made a good start before getting hung out wide at the top corner and dropping right to the back. It was then a case of coming back through past 3 or 4 cars before again picking the wrong queue of cars and dropping straight back down the order to 8th on the penultimate lap. Some days are sent to try us.

Race 2 and this time Ross was running 3rd in the early stages following #117 and #205 but lost places to #904 and #76 by trying the outside line. Contact between the pair a few laps later though sent #76 spinning across the track and onto the infield.

As #904 made it through into the lead Ross snuck back up into 3rd but it was still a frustrating race, and worse still the car was hugely overheating, spending both races tucked in behind other cars not helping the situation.

With the highest points scorers starting from the front in the final, Ross’ poor heat results left him nearer the back of the grid than the front. That was soon to be the least of his problems though as when #117 spun #76 into the bottom corner Ross couldn’t miss the stranded 206 and smashed into it in a very big left front to left front head on impact.

The Tigras unmistakably sloped front arches sent the 206 more over it than through it with Ross bouncing on into #117 with right hand side of the car this time. Surely that had to be race over? Amazingly no as the car carried on and took the restart in 4th place, sure a place was lost to #88 near the end but we were all very impressed that the car held together at all.

On closer examination in the pits enough damage was revealed to keep us busy for a good few days though as the front left shock, steering arm and wishbone were all very bent. Obviously the panels were in a bad way too, the same for the oil cooler which has sprung a leak and was busy coating everything in oil….just to make it that much nicer to work on 😉 Oh well, some days just don’t go your way. We’ll see you at the next meeting which is a Saturday night affair on June 27th….we’ll be the ones by the BBQ!

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