Season approaching

With the season fast approaching it’s full speed ahead as we work to complete Brians car. With Ross’ car still a bare chassis he’ll be borrowing Brians again although it’s far from being the same car he raced last year. Still, as you can see it’s nearing completion with its new roof and front end being built and sprayed. Our new panels have also been sprayed and are now being fitted ready to be sign written before the first meeting…we’ll be ready but there’s not exactly much time to spare!

On a rare day away from the garage we visited Cornwall a few Sundays ago to collect some parts bought for Ross’ car. Gearbox, clutch, flywheel, wheels, tyres, exhaust manifold and half shafts were all bought off Mark Sear (cheers, and thanks Sean for spotting the advert!) and piled into the back of Brians car for the journey home. Now we’ve just got to turn all these parts into one piece and we’ll be away… 😉

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