Convertible hotrods?

Well the busy winter continues in earnest for us here at Loram Racing. In able to fit our new shape shells to Brians chassis we have had to remove the top of it as it was too tall and not shaped correctly for the new roof. So now as well as finishing Ross’ chassis we need to reconstruct the top of Brians although that shouldn’t be quite as big a job as it looks. (Although it’s not exactly light modifications!)

As well as reconstructing the chassis we also need to relocate the dry sump tank as well as the more normal jobs such as changing the diff and the gearbox as the circuit box is still in the car from its last meeting at Llandow. Quite a list of things to do on the car then although the new panels are ready and waiting and we’ll be bringing some pics soon!

In other news we rather unexpectedly bought a transit yesterday. We say unexpectedly as Ross was only idly searching eBay to get a rough idea on prices for a suitable transporter or chassis cab transit that the team could use to take two cars to the meetings next season when he happened to spot a good well priced transit pickup…and then realised it was parked about 2 miles away!

So after a day up the garage Ross and Brian went to collect the newest member of the family, and very pleased with it they are to. The plans are to remove the alloy pickup part from the back and replace it with a flat section which the car will sit on allowing the other car to be towed behind on the trailer. Just what we need…..another winter project 😉

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