Awards night

The team travelled to Bristol and the Webbington hotel last night for the annual Mendips Raceway dinner and dance where during a night of fun and laughter Ross received his track championship trophy as well as being voted second in the driver of the year poll, this bizarre season never ends!

In other news work is progressing well on our race cars and as we speak at the start of February we have most of our new panels finished. With this in mind Brian has sold his Peugeot 205 panels from last season although they haven’t gone far and will still be lapping Bristol next season, albeit on someone else’s car!

So with an all new set of panels to mount on Brians car and Ross’ car still a bare spaceframe in the corner there’s plenty more work to do although on the bright side we have the engine virtually complete, so that’s one more thing we can tick off our long long todo list!

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