Yearly Archives: 2009

With 2010 drawing closer and Ross’ new car still looking decidedly incomplete we’ve just returned from a long journey with a rather nice SHP 206 which Ross will be racing next season as the Tigra will be going back to Brian. (Uh-oh, double trouble!) Meanwhile the Tigra engine is being […]

New toys

With the Mendips season over the team found themselves making the long 5 hour journey north to Buxton so that Brian could have his first outing in the car this season. It was looking like being a wasted journey though as the weather really closed in as we made our […]

Lorams head north

Sunday 26th July certainly proved to be an interesting day for the team at Mendips. After a fairly dry and pleasing practice session the hotrod drivers mostly hid themselves away in front of TV’s to watch the Grand Prix before emerging several hours later for the first hot rod race. […]


With the season fast approaching it’s full speed ahead as we work to complete Brians car. With Ross’ car still a bare chassis he’ll be borrowing Brians again although it’s far from being the same car he raced last year. Still, as you can see it’s nearing completion with its […]

Season approaching