Winter break?!?

Despite the racing being finished in 2008 there’s no winter break for us here at Loram Racing. Brians car is sat in the back of the garage with no body while we prepare it’s lovely new shell while there’s a brand new addition to the garage. Just a few months ago we travelled to Scotland to collect a ‘well raced’ but fundamentally decent Autocross Fiesta for Ross. That’s right, shock of shocks, Ross won’t be racing one of Brians cars!

New car! – Before we ripped it to pieces 😉

Despite the initial plans to simply drop an engine and gearbox in and go racing it’s grown into a somewhat bigger project.

First Ross decided it would be best to strip it to a chassis for a general check over and respray before Brian got in on the act and cut off a fair chunk of the front end……and the back come to think of it.

…and here’s what we’ve got at the moment…

In fact he’s cutting more off with every passing day so we’ll end up with some form of Autocross / Loram type chassis with some panels on…… and very interesting panels they are too…… but more on that soon. Right, we’d better get back to work or it won’t be ready in time for next season. Merry xmas and a happy new year to all 🙂

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