Another win!

The penultimate meeting of the season was held last Sunday at Mendips Raceway at the annual ‘Pink day’ being held for charity with huge numbers of people and cars appearing in bright pink which made for an amusing sight when we arrived at Mendips in the incredible summer heat.

With this being a very large banger meeting (the annual Crashmania) unfortunately there wasn’t any time for practice so it was straight out for the first race. A better turnout this meeting of eight cars and Ross would be starting sixth on the grid but wouldn’t stay there long as a good start and the benefit of some new tyres on the #26 car allowed Ross to go straight round #34 and #775 in the first half lap before quickly reeling in and passing #35 on lap 2 and then sliding down the inside of #55 at the start of lap 3 to take the lead! What a start!

More drama in the early laps as #88 and #205 were forced to retire, fears of a fire on the #205 car turning out to be nothing more than a rag which had been left in the car and had dropped onto the exhaust causing the smoke. Meanwhile back at the front Ross managed to pull away from #117 in second and despite being reeled back in after losing some time lapping the backmarkers he could open up the gap again before the end to take the first win of the day.

Race 2 and #26 again started 6th and was soon on the move in this one, quickly working upto 3rd place around half a straights length behind #117 although raceleader Mike Norton had established a big lead having started from the front of the grid.

The gap between the front three drivers was coming down but so were the number of laps to run. Two laps to run and the front three of #205, #117 and #26 had well and truly bunched up although the order was to remain unchanged despite Ross making it down the inside of #117 while he was trying to make it round #205 to take the win.

The air ambulance had to be called in as sun-stroke affected the crowd

Race 3 and with a difficult track (the previous banger race leaving the track quite dirty) Ross was finding it harder to make up places but was slowly managing to work round the outside line until he got squeezed onto the outside of a 3 car move into the top corner leaving him with no grip and nowhere to go but bouncing round the fence.

Needless to say #26 lost some time with this incident and dropped back down to 8th with quite a damaged car that was leaking oil onto its left rear tyre (smashed half shaft bearing) pulling to one side (bent suspension) and lacking much in the way of brakes but given a lap or two to get used to the ‘interesting’ handling he managed to pick up a few places and get back to 6th by the finish.

Brian – “Does that mean one more meeting till I get my car back?”

Since the meeting the car has undergone some treatment back at the garage and is ready for the final meeting of the Bristol season on Monday August 25th where Ross has a great chance to claim the track championship, what a story that would be!

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