Bank holiday Monday and in true English tradition the team made their way to Mendips Raceway in the pouring rain for round 4 of this years championship.

Rain rain rain and more rain…

After arriving a quick glance at the track did nothing to inspire anyones confidence as the bottom corner was extremely flooded (as much as a foot or 2 deep in places) but once the weather had eased off the marshals began bailing the water out and slowly the track was cleared in time for race 1. However, having had no practice and never having driven on wets before Ross was a little nervous for this one…..that’s what he gets for buying new slicks for this meeting! 😉

Still, only 6 cars present (the sensible few must have seen the weather and thought better of it) so Ross started 2nd on the grid for race 1. Despite not having an awful lot in the way of brakes (particularly in the early stages as the team had intended to bed them in during practice) #26 was soon into the lead after passing the #775 Corrado on lap 2.

Ross tip-toed his way round in the extremely slippery conditions and was half expecting some of the faster drivers to come flying past at any moment but it seems they were fairing even worse and Ross came round to take his second ever win by some distance having lapped everyone upto 2nd place. Fantastic!

After a lap on the pace car which seemed scarier than the actual race it was a quick turnaround for race 2. With the weather remaining much the same #26 was soon at the front in this one too after having passed #88 Alan Shelper on the inside before switching to the outside to relieve #117 Dave Tossel of the lead a few laps later before crossing the line to take the second win of the day!

Final time then and Ross was half expecting something to go wrong in this one, surely it couldn’t be three wins in one day? From the start though #26 was soon upto second place but looked to be finding it harder to catch #117 this time.

A few laps later though and Ross seemed to have found some more speed and caught the #117 Saxo before making his way to the outside and after a good 4 or 5 lap side by side squabble Ross finally made it through into the lead and could stretch out a good gap to take the final win and with it the annual Andy and Loreen trophy, what a day!

So with 3 wins from the day that leaves Ross just 2 points from the top of the points standings it was a slightly damp but very happy team that made their way home from the meeting. Quite a big gap till round 5 now which is on the 27th July but at least we go into the break with smiles on our faces…see you next time.

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