The learning curve continued for Ross at Bristol last Sunday as he raced the hotrod for the third time……he’ll be a veteran soon 😉

Some instructions for race 1;-)

Out for practice and the steady turnout of eight drivers were greeted by a very slippery track which was more a test of car control than anything else, Ross was just glad the car was still in one piece for race 1!

Onto the races then and #26 spent much of the race fending off faster cars but eventually lost out to #117 and #205 Mike Norton and would cross the line in 4th place just ahead of #88 Alan Shelper although this would become 3rd position as #775 was docked 2 places for spinning out #205 in the latter stages.

Race 2 and Ross looked much more comfortable in the traffic as a great squabble for 2nd position ensued behind #55 which allowed Ross to sneak down the inside of #775 before following #205 Mike Norton down the inside of #117 and #55 to make it upto 3rd place although once again Ross couldn’t quite hold off the #117 Saxo which relegated #26 to 4th at the flag.

The start of the final and for the first few laps Ross was on the move as he went past #55 off the start before going round the outside of #24 at the top bend to take 2nd position.

#26 moving upto 2nd place early on…

It wasn’t long before the faster pairing of #718 Colin White and #117 were behind #26 though with #718 going past first followed a few laps later by #117, although at least Ross was starting to make it harder work for the other drivers to get past. As a few laps passed Ross was looking safe in 4th, gently dropping away from the silver Saxo ahead but some distance ahead of the rest. The rest were about to make things interesting though as a coming together left the damaged #775 Corrado of Phil Parkhouse in the middle of the track coming out of the final corner.

#117 was to be the first car on the scene and smashed straight into the Corrado causing some pretty big damage and certainly giving Ross a wake up call as he dodged past the smash which caused Phil to black out although thankfully he was fine soon afterwards.

#117 and soon #718 looking for a way past #26

After the cars had been cleared the race was restarted, although Ross made a complete hash of it and fell back to 4th which was a pity but at least the car is still in one piece and he can have another go at the end of the month, just a few more things to learn now! 🙂

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