Ross to race!

Last weekend saw Ross again testing #262, this time at a rather packed Bristol practice day. With 5 hotrods and 78 cars present in total this was certainly a more public affair than the handful of people at St.Column a few weeks earlier! Brian had taken his revenge on Ross by having ‘Ricky Bobby’ (‘Talladega nights’, if you havn’t seen it watch it!) signwritten on the car, especially relevant as Ross will be using Rickys number #26

With the much smoother track surface of Bristol Ross managed to complete more laps than previously which helped as he improved his pace throughout the day and wasn’t too far off the other hotrods by late afternoon. Full of enthusiasm Ross has now applied for a licence and will be racing on March 23rd / 24th. The swap from Radio controlled cars to real cars coming along nicely it seems! 😉

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