Loram who?!?

This past Sunday the #262 team made their first outing of 2008, a quiet test day at the St.Columb racetrack in Cornwall. The car was in for a shock though as it wouldn’t be driven by Brian as usual but instead by Ross Loram, Brian’s son, who was being let loose on a racetrack for the first time.

Brians shrunk!

Most people tend to start in a slower formula and work their way up to the hot rods but that sounds dull and not the way we tend to do things so Ross was in for a baptism of fire.

After some very slow laps to start with Ross managed to get upto a respectable speed and much to his shock Brian wasn’t a nervous wreck watching car and son lap the bumpy Cornish track so all in all things went well.

Ross meanwhile couldn’t wipe a stupid grin from his face all day, neither could he stop muttering a combination of the words “unbelievable” “the grip!” “stepping on the throttle is like stepping on a bomb” and “how on earth are you supposed to race 20 other cars whilst driving at speed!” as he eventually managed to use full throttle on the short straights…..albeit rather briefly 😉

Once Brian had finished quoting ‘Days of Thunder’ lines such as “get your own car and we’ll see how you do in a crowd” and “I’ve seen the races on TV, you’ll be surprised how much you can pick up” it was time to call an end to the test as all the bumps and the sheer force required to drive the car had well and truly broken Ross who was wandering around holding his wrists while Brian gloated at now not being the only one complaining after driving the car.

Rumour has it Ross (or Ricky Bobby as he’s come to be known) will be testing the car again at the Mendips Raceway practice day in March.

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