Injury stops play

Although the team had been planning to end the season by competing at the ‘Best in Britain’ meeting at Wimbledon on 26th November they have had to withdraw after Brian had an accident at work a few weeks ago. After being hit on the head by a large metal carrier Brian had a lump the size of an egg on his head but was otherwise fine, still going to Brands Hatch the following day to help out Lee Rogers who was racing at the circuit with his Pickup.

The following week though and Brian had to go to casualty with slowed reactions and other problems. After a check-up he has been advised to try not to think too much (we didn’t see this being a problem) and to allow anywhere from 2 -10 weeks to fully recover. A week since and Brian still can’t go round a corner quickly in his road car without making himself dizzy so we’re pretty sure thundering round Wimbledon with 20 other nationals isn’t a good idea. Best of luck to our fellow south west drivers attending, #719 Lee Rogers and #780 Mike Loosemore.

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