W of E Champions!

The final meeting of the season at Bristol and although not fighting for the points championship due to missing a few meetings there was still the West of England championship to fight for. #262 was looking quick in practice but there was strong competition from all the regulars including former world champion #718 Colin White.

Ready for race 1 (picture used with permission from www.mkpics.net)

The West of England Championship was run as the first race on the day and it has to be said we did benefit from Bristol’s sometimes slightly random grid positions. Although as we normally start at the back we weren’t going to argue and duly lined up in 2nd place for the start of the race.

Quickly moving round the outside of pole sitter #270 on lap 1 Brian set about opening up a lead before the main danger man Colin White could make it through the traffic.

Chequered flag for #262 (picture used with permission from www.mkpics.net)

In reality it was all over in the early laps as Brian opened up a large lead which was upto half a lap by the time #718 moved into 2nd position which is how it remained until the end with the firm lead being held making #262 the West of England Champion for the first time since 1994! (have we really been racing that long?!?!)

With the championship won we were looking forward to the remaining two races but when the car was started for race two the engine was sounding unquestionably sick.

Brian receives his trophy from Phil Dicker (picture used with permission from www.mkpics.net)

Despite efforts being made to fix the problem it was soon clear this wasn’t a problem that would be fixable at the track so it was meeting over which was unfortunate but at least the car finished that first race! Once the car is back at the garage the engine can be stripped to determine the cause of the problem, hopefully it’s nothing too serious and #262 will be fighting fit again soon 😉


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