Back with a win

Brian made his long awaited return to racing at Bristol last Sunday and was straight back to winning ways. The team looked on anxiously as he took to the track for first practice but thankfully driver and car were okay, Brian having regained his sense of balance after his accident last November and the car benefiting from a few months off!

Drifting through the bottom corner in practice

Starting from the rear of the field all day the orange and black #262 car was soon moving up the order with some daring outside overtaking manoeuvres. Brians car control was put to the test on several occasions in race 1 before #262 finally hit the front, speeding off into the distance to record the teams first win of 2007.

The race 1 win was backed up with a 3rd place in race 2 and a 4th in the final. After a promising start the track conditions made it difficult to overtake with the outside line not giving a lot of grip which sent Brian to the rear of the field before fighting back upto 4th.

Preperations being made to the car before the first race

The team are happy to be back racing and look forward to the next meeting at Mallory Park for the British Longtrack Championships. Work is already underway on improving the cars aerodynamics as we seek to retain the Open Hot Rod title.

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