Still here folks

Well it’s been two months since #262 last turned a wheel in anger (and it was in anger as it happened with Brian getting bundled into the fence as he was about to take the lead in an Autospeed Open meeting at St.Day. I did say that meeting was a bad idea but would anyone listen to me?!?)

Still, the car is repaired and now sports it’s very snazzy new Willwood 6 Pot Brakes (if they’re good enough for Mr.Boardley they’re good enough for us!) and as we don’t have the budget to go banger racing with the national series every week we’ve decided to end our year by attending an Open Hot Rod Meeting at Northampton on Sunday the 29th of October. We’ve had some great fun and great racing at these type of meetings in the past so hopefully this time will be the same. What’s the plan next year I hear you cry, well when we know we’ll tell you!

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