Ipswich Spedeweekend!

“IT’S TOO HOT!!!” Without a doubt the most commonly heard phrase at this years Ipswich Spede-Weekend. Following a traffic filled 7 hour journey the team arrived at the campsite on Friday evening, and wasted no time in getting the BBQ underway while the distinctive #262 car soon developed a healthy crowd of English, Irish and Germans, offers were even made for the car at this point!

BBQ Underway!

First out on track on saturday morning were the world qualifiers who would get a practice session before their qualifying session to determine the grid for the following days world final. With our team only completing 9 of the 17 world qualifying rounds last season we found ourselves 25th in the points, thus needing 5 of the 34 qualifiers from England, Ireland, N.Ireland and Germany to either not show up or encounter problems which would move us up into the big race as a reserve. Ultimately we just missed out by 2 places which was a shame although after completing so few qualifying rounds we were suprised to still be so close!

With qualifying complete for the world finalists #262 took to the track for the first time of the weekend for support race 1. With no practice Brian had to adapt to the newly changed car quickly which he did, finishing 10th in the 22 car field, the position would have been even better had it not been for a couple wide corners while learning the cars handling. Still, the team were pleased with the increased performance of the car and could definatly see the potential it now has.

The stunning #262 machine awaits the start of race one. (Picture used with permission from www.mkpics.net)

Out for race 2 and the Loram Peugeot would be starting in the middle of the grid, 12th of the 25 starters. From the off the car looked very good and Brian passed #74 James O’Shea and #84 Alan Conroy on lap 1 and was putting #25 Keith Woods under extreme pressure until the pair of them went past #984 Barry English on lap 5 moving Brian upto ninth place. It was from here on that things started to go downhill as the #262 car began visibly having problems under braking, one lap the car would stop as it should and the next lap it would go skating wide, as a result #262 began to slide back down the order to an eventual 18th place.

The following morning the cause of the problem was found as the left front suspension had developed some play which resulted in a varying brake performance every lap. With this fixed the team were very much looking forward to the final as the full pace of the car could once again be explored but unfortunately Spedeworth cancelled the support final. The reason being that the meeting was running late and due to the council deadline which the circuit must adhere to several races had to be cut in order that the meeting be finished before the deadline. It was obviously very disappointing having driven a round trip of around 700 miles as well as 4 days of our time and money.

Brian heads #210 Hughie Weaver and #777 Les Compelli. (Picture used with permission from www.mkpics.net)

We would like to congratulate #41 Carl Boardley on winning the National Hotrod world championship in a very eventful race that had the packed grandstands on their feet till the last lap when Carl made it past #198 Andy Steward, we won’t go into the full details but it was certainly a big talking point and you can see full coverage of the World Final weekend at 6pm, 25th July on Sky Sports Xtra. (Repeated at 11pm on Sky Sports 2 and the following day at 8am and 2pm)

A final thanks to all the people who took the time to come over and say hello during the weekend, it’s nice to know this site has so many followers!

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