Upgrading the Peugeot

After our last meeting at Bristol work began on improving the car ready for the Ipswich Speed-Weekend in July and a possible full time return to the national series afterwards.

The gearbox has come out to let us change the clutch and flywheel. The new racing flywheel is around half the weight of the old one (about 3kg instead of over 6kg for the old one!) which should make the car faster out of the corners as it is less weight to effectively spin upto speed every time you accelerate, thus making the acceleration faster.

With all the panels off the car it also gives a good opportunity to wash everything down as seen in the picture below – also we think the car looks so cool sat there without it’s panels, like some sort of buggy or extra from Mad Max 😉

Here you can see the clutch and flywheel mounted to the engine on the left and on the right we’ve got the gearbox in

With the new flywheel in, next the gearbox goes in followed by the propshaft and the diff, having been rebuilt to the correct ratio for Ipswich, all fairly routine stuff there.

After some touch-up work on the panels it was time to re-attach them to the car. Several hundred rivets later and the panels were attached. Ducting was then inserted through the front bumper to direct air to the front brakes to help keep them cool while some very snazzy new black mesh was attached to cover the main front bumper air intake and grill. The purpose of this is to stop small stones and other pieces of debris coming through and hitting the radiator, without it you end up with a radiator looking like the one we took out of the car!

Left – Look at the state of that old radiator! Right – Nice new mesh to protect the nice new rad 😉

And here you can see the mesh in place to protect our new radiator, it’s very important to keep the engine cool as once you get past a certain point the engine loses more and more power the hotter it gets, a problem highlighted by long races in the heat of July!

With most of the work covered the wheels were re-sprayed orange to match the car after I lost the argument to paint them white! All that remains is to give the car a final polish before we load all the gear and head off to the Speed Weekend to take place on July 1st / 2nd.

One things for sure – you can’t miss them!

After finishing the season 25th in the points there is still a slim chance we could squeeze into the world final if a few drivers drop out but if not we’ll be in the support races which are looking like being as busy as the world final itself with around 30 drivers currently booked in from England, Ireland, Scotland and Germany!

See you soon!

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