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“HOT RODS LINE UP NOW PLEASE!!!” Ah, we must be at Bristol then, home of the loudest pit announcements in the country! 😉 Following our step back from the nationals we decided to race this two day Bristol season opener to see how the car would now perform on Avon’s after the last 9 national meetings on the Hoosier tyres, also we thought it might be fun!

A healthy grid of 16 very diverse cars lined up for heat one, some full spec nationals and others not quite so. With the much differing speeds between the cars though some excellent racing took place, Brian securing 2nd in heat one, narrowly behind Mike Loosemore in #780.

Heat 2 saw Brian starting from virtually the rear of the field in 15th place but with the car working well he was able to climb to 7th by the end of the race after a few interesting moments whilst overtaking some of the slower cars. In truth we were lucky to get a result in this race at all as the clutch cable broke at the start of the race, fortunatly just as the car went into second gear so the race could be completed with no problems. If that wasn’t enough the throttle return spring decided to give up as well!

Fortunatly the car was all fixed and ready to go in plenty of time for the final which was without doubt the race of the day as the faster cars made there way up from the back of the grid. It has to be said the racing was pretty rough but pretty much fair although the car didn’t look quite as pristine after the race as it did before it! From near the back of the grid Brian made it upto 5th by the end of the race following some great overtaking action through the tightly bunched midfield runners. #205 Mike Norton hung on to take the win and the CWS Mears Trophy by a matter of inches from #718 Colin White.

The ever entertaining bottom bend at Britsol

With everyone else going home it was just us and five or six hotrods in the pits overnight before mondays meeting. First job on monday morning was to carry out some repairs to the panels, what we’d do without alloy, rivets and tank tape I have no idea!

From two mid grid starts Brian came through for 4th place in each of the heats after some good racing. The results meant that as on the Sunday #262 would be starting the final all but last, just Steve Hunt and Colin White lining up behind. Brian made his way up the order throughout the race and nearly snatched 4th place on the final lap but couldn’t quite make it round #54 Mark Sear before the chequered flag so 5th place it was. #16 Andy Maidment took full advantage of pole to take the win, just hanging on ahead of #718 Colin White at the finish.

Our little collection of hot rods which were left with us on sunday night and on the right another hotrod showing signs of a hard weekends racing!

Well, we were pretty pleased with the car at Bristol but it does still need to be faster if we want to return to the nationals (which we do!!!) The car is now back in the garage awaiting some new parts, check back next week for an update on the developments.

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