There’s a plan!

After our decision to step back from the nationals after round 9 at Ringwood on March 18th we spent a few days / weeks going through all the options available to us. Selling the lot and buying a boat was the option expressed on the journey home from Ringwood but happily that idea had been dismissed by the time we had made our way back to the garage! The next option involved simply going back to the ‘local’ racing at Bristol as well as the odd Incarace open hot rod meeting but a burst of enthusiasm and a few days later we knew there was only one thing we wanted to do, NATIONALS!!!

As a result we’ll be attending the two day Bristol meeting for a bit of fun this coming Easter weekend before garaging the car while we attempt to fund improvements before making a return to the nationals. On the shopping list are some new front brakes, full exhaust system, a little work and maintenance on the engine and a few other items. A full set of shocks are also on the wish list but that may be stretching it a bit. With these items and hopefully a little backing we expect to be a competitive national outfit, but before all that let the fun and BBQ commence at Bristol, do come over and see us if you’re there 🙂

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